5 Crucial Things You Must Know And 4 Benefits of Buying Expired Domains

An expired domain is one that the owner has failed to renew. This can be for several reasons. Prehaps they forgot to renew it, prehaps they went out of business and forget about domain, or they simply don’t care about it anymore.

After a domain expires and is not renewed within 30 days, it will go up for auction. Bidding will last for 7 days, and after that, the domain will be given to higher bidder, and with the high bids you can buy expire domain very easily.

And with this process, you can grab many good expiring domain.

Never buy an expired domain just because it seems like you got a good deal. Not all expired domains are good. Before you buy an expired domain, do some research into it. Following are some of the things to look for.

Here are the things you need to Consider when buying expired domains.

1- Always check domain with google banned checker

You may find a very good – looking domain but this is no use of if google has already banned it from search engine.

Use a google ban checker to make sure that a site wasn’t banned from google.

2- Check google adsense ban

Google bans adsense on the domain names that do not comply with their terms and condition. So if you are thinking to build a website on an expired domain then this must be your first step before buying any expired domain.

There is a tool called Adsense Sandbox it displays the ads for the site when you enter the URL. Simply put URL and click on preview ads.

If the ads do not pop up for the URL, then it is banned by adsense.

3- Age of domain

One of the main reasons for purchasing an expired domain is the authority it has as an established site. You don’t want a domain that is expiring after just one year.

4- Backlinks Quality

Another main reason to buy an expired domain is the value it has due to other sites linking to it. But most of the expired domains have spammy backlinks.

You can check this with ahrefs.

Simply put your domain name in ahrefs site explorer and go in the backlinks section. If you see that it backlinks all look spammy and are of low-quality, skip that domain.

5- Check Moz Rankings

Moz has two metrics for determining the quality of a website: Page Authority and Domain Authority. These are based on a site’s performance, backinks and site’s history. Make sure the site doesn’t have a low Page Authority  and Domain Authority score. If the PA and DA score is low then don’t purchase that domain.

4 Benefits of buying expired domains

1- Build an authority site

If you want to build a new site or blog, consider purchasing an expired domain rather than buying an new one.

With a new domain, you will have to work harder to build up its authority. You will have to build new content and backlinks, and domain authority will only come with time.

With an expired domain, you can use its existing SEO value to start ranking quicker right away. 

2- Flipping

Another big reason to purchase expired domains is buying good domain names and selling them at premium price to other SEO bloggers. Flipping is one of the best reasons to buy expired domains.

3- Redirect the site

When people are not intrested in building their site around an expired domain, they can still make use of that expired domain by transferring the link juice from the expired domain to your main website.

Keep in mind that for the above purpose, the domain name must be in a similar industry as your main site.

4- PBN ( Private blog network )

This is a another method to trick google.

People build their sites on expired domains they buy and use these domains as their Private blog network sites. When they have control over entire sites, it will be easy to get really powerful homepage links to their money making pages.

Now that you have know what to look for and how to use expired domains it is time to go domain shopping. Here are some sites you can use to buy top expired domains :

1- Domain Coaster 

2- Dyna Dot

3- Dom Cop

4- Moonsy

5- Expired Domains

6- Go Daddy Auction

7- Name Jet

8- Fresh Drop 

9- Flippa

10- Snapnamers

Here are the 10 best expired domain finder sites and i highly recommend you to always do your research before buying expired domains, and good luck.

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